Best VPN services for Torrenting

If you want to truly remain anonymous while downloading torrents you will have to get a reliable VPN service

Best VPN services for Torrenting

Our favourite Frances Torrents download site is taken offline. That means that many downloaders looking for alternatives, but downloading unknown torrent websites is like looking through a minefield to navigate. Download may of course not, but if you do it, do it safe. Here are 5 tips to torrents to get without your system and yet to remain anonymous.

On the internet the same rules apply as in real life: If something is too good to be true, it probably is. Therefore a torrent if you come across a movie that just in the cinema, which runs crystal clear dvd-rip with crystal clear sound and optional subtitles in all languages, then you can be sure that it is fake. In the best case, you get a bad cam-rip of which at most the promise has not been fulfilled, but it’s also possible that there is a virus in the file is hidden.

This mainly happens in popular movies or music, which phishers and other malicious users know that there is much demand for it. Think of real blockbusters that run in the cinema, or the latest season of a popular series as Game Of Thrones.

From authenticated users or the website itself have uploaders indicated that the torrents are reliable. The chance is greater that what they upload any viruses or malware, though it’s no guarantee and you can never say with 100% certainty. It is in any case advisable especially of verified uploaders to download.

At The Pirate Bay do you recognize these uploaders to the Green death head that at a torrent, or a pink as the uploader ‘ trusted ‘ (trusted). It can also be that The Pirate Bay or any other site not has arrived to authenticate a user. Do you know for sure, just wait a few days-if you so choose.

Use a VPN

‘ Who has read it might slightly more often Computer Idea too often heard, but a VPN is the best way to keep yourself anonymous on the internet. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network ‘, ‘ and put an encrypted connection via another server if where you normally on. That means that your internet traffic is not readable by other parties, such as your provider. That makes it a lot more difficult for organizations such as brain to you.

A VPN is never completely safe – it’s with arrest warrants in-depth research and in some cases even quite possible to collect information about you. That, however, is not that so much work that happens if you just have a movie downloads.

VPNs cost always money, and although there are free services available, which usually have restrictions. For example, that sit in the speed or how much you can download. Free VPNs, such as Hola, are very unsafe and therefore not recommended.

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